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    Effective Art

    we make art work for you

  • yess....we make art WORK for you

    We select pictures for better performance in professional spaces.

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    We offer businesses an efficient and attractive tool for greater productivity.

    We enhance your officewalls with powerful images to inspire people in professional settings.

    We add attractiveness to upgrade effectiveness of work in offices.

    All the masterpieces we copy (legit) are produced in high quality oil paint and can be delivered in multi sizes.


    We bring effectiveness by combining, for your business, our capabilities:

    • psychological insight
    • corporate experience (commercial management)
    • fascination for motivating people 
    • love of great pictures

    Our process is designed to excel, from consultation to delivery/implementation:

    • effect: when we are done, offices are a more effective and enjoyable place to work in
    • tempo: we achieve this at a good pace; the whole process is through within 3 months
    • non disruptive; we aim to meet in person at most 3 times; intake, proposal, delivery
    • alignment: we work closely with your facility department in placing the pictures




  • Professional use of effective art...

    ...is common use in environments of high psychological awareness of personal interaction because of high stakes involved; examples are:

    • in diplomatic environments; embassies, political offices...
    • in hospitality places; restaurants, café's...

    and today in business offices that are becoming places of personal interaction instead of collections of personal work-cubicles on top a factory...


    Below: a convincing example of effective art in a political setting.

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    the above picture of president Lincoln with (military) staff in semi-informal conference setting hangs over the likewise semi-offical work lunch setting of president Obama and staff (below)

    president Lincoln with staff in semi-informal conference

    Today the interest in effective personal interaction in professional offices is rapidly growing; communication skills are understood as hihly valuable and are main HR-selection criteria.


    Offices were, until not very long ago, just a collection of individual offices and cubicles with a few meeting rooms and facilities between them. Factories have been offshored mostly.


    Today professional work-spaces are rapidly evolving into places mainly for professional personal meeting moments. Individual work is done at home or in coffee houses.


    Our goal is to make the most of the personal resources you have by aligning interiors.

    Our idea is as simple as attractive; enhance the personal effectiveness in your offices by putting up the right picture art on your walls.


    Most real estate in use today was acquired mainly for technical purposes using criteria as;

    • good location (distribution, (human) resources, clients, taxes)
    • size (square feet)
    • costs

    Design, decorations and art were only put in:

    • to impress
    • for investments


    Add something new to your corporate space, work smarter, become more effective.


    Upgrade your existing offices for enhanced performance with the right picture art.


  • Get the picture? Want to know more? 

    Upgrade your offices for beter performance now

  • Ask us questions here or meet in person. ...efficient & effective, straight & simple.




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    watch this picture and get inspired by what is common use in non-office environment..

    This Renoir hangs in many restaurants all over the world to stimulate café turnover.

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    Think of business offices as meeting places...work at an office is meeting personally!

    Imagine how your offices can stimulate the meeting processes that go on there, by hanging the right stimulating picture on your office walls...

  • Our homebase is in Holland (Eindhoven)

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    Willemijn Nieuwenhuis 


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